Difficulty: Intermediate

HYPE - Intermediate Dance Program  (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Drop-in: 4-6PM  

Location: 5 Bartonville Ave. East (Weston Rd. & Eglinton Ave.) M6M 2B1

Guerilla Film Academy: 

New dates and times will be released in early 2017. 

Guerilla Film Academy (GFA) is a youth programming initiative dedicated to young people between the ages of 16-24 interested in growing or developing a skillset in the world of filmmaking, with a focus on developing the essential skills needed to take a vision and put it on the screen.

Camera Operat


The Culinary Arts program offers weekly sessions facilitated by a professional chef. Youth prepare healthy meals that are then used as snacks in the 'Snack N Chat' program that follows. Youth learn food preparation skills, budgeting and healthy eating while helping the chef to prepare a meal that everyone enjoys.    Every Friday from 4PM-6PM   Location: Bartonville Ave. East (Weston and Eglinton)

Difficulty: Intermediate

BEATS. MIND. MOVEMENT (BMM) is a FREE music programming initiative dedicated to providing youth between the ages of 16-24 with the knowledge, skills, and mentorship needed to succeed in today’s evolving music industry.

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‘My Mic Sounds Nice’ is a spoken word poetry program that explores spoken word writing, performance, and introduces you to the competitive and exciting world of slam poetry. Led by an experienced spoken word artist Paulina O’Kieffe, with compelling guest poets and experienced performance and writing coaches. Join other youth, dynamic poets and spoken word artists at ‘My Mic Sounds Nice’.


Difficulty: Easy

Our new YOGA program is designed for beginners.  Our 90-minute sessions focus on poses that are restorative allowing us let go of long-held tensions that manifest both physically and mentally. It's fun for the whole family!


Location: 19 John St. (Weston Rd. & Lawrence Ave.)