“UrbanArts dance program encouraged me to dance. They provided a safe, non-judgmental, free open space for me to learn and work on my dance skills.” Dance Program Participant UrbanArts continuously runs a digital version of 1, 2 Step: Healthy Living Through Hip Hop Dance throughout lockdown and beyond with funding from the MLSE Foundation. It’s a program that harnesses the unifying force of dance and movement to change the lives of youth in seven of Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIAs) through healthy lifestyle practices and physical activity.  The dance

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: STRATEGIC PLANNING, POLICY REVIEW & DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT BACKGROUND  UrbanArts is a progressive, not-for-profit charitable Local Arts Service Organization (LASO) providing  opportunities for diverse cultural expression, artistic development, training and employment to members  of urban communities with a focus on youth in (the former City of) York; UrbanArts focuses on engaging  community through the arts; UrbanArts is an incubator for local arts, with a range of programs led by  professional artists in visual, literary, digital, culinary and media arts, theatre, dance and music. As the thread that weaves together generations, UrbanArts offers