Tun Up – Intermediate Dance Program (Ages 14-29)

TUESDAYS  5:00-7:30PM

This  dance program is built for that young budding dancer looking to push and train hard this year! Our program will give each dancer a taste of the wide variety of street dance styles including Hip Hop, Dancehall, Traditional African, and AfroFusion. Make sure you sign up to save your spot for this awesome program!


Tun Up participants will:

  • Learn about posture and position in dance: as well as spatial awareness and performance
  • Learn basic steps & movements in various styles including hiphop, dancehall, traditional african and afrofusion
  • Put techniques into practice with fun choreography
  • Develop an understanding of the background of the dance styles
  • Try out freestyling as well as learning routines
  • Develop confidence in your movement and add expression to your dancing
  • Deepen technical understanding: with an intensive lesson on performance and technicality
  • Have the chance to perform your dance routine: as a solo, duet, trio, group

Look out for announcements on MasterClasses and Guest Workshops from top dance instructors in Toronto.

Program Details
Location:Dance Studio (5 Bartonville Ave. East)
Class Type:Dance
Class Size:30
Class Registration