The Rustic Mosaic Project

The Rustic Mosaic project encourages youth to be mentored through a transformative experience in discovering themselves, their community and their relationship to it using art in a way that inspires and opens doors for their creative and professional futures. Through the course of the project, imagery that reflected the history and identity of the community were pulled from the pool of images captured by the youth.

Iconic images of prominent figures, spaces and activities were subject matter for 3 murals placed on the exterior walls of the Falstaff Community Centre.  Two gallery viewing events were organized to showcase the artists’ work providing lots of exposure and opportunity for the artists to engage the public and talk about their work hearing feedback and developing many core leadership skills. Participants also had the opportunity to explore garment creation as a workshop to place images they have taken and then screen printed on clothes and other fabrics.

Rustic Mosaic Project: Program Offerings

Photography (Digital)

Youth learned the essentials of digital photography and composition. Instructors gave one on one instruction if students came in with more advanced knowledge and skill sets.

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Workshops

Participants gained experience in digital manipulation of photographs using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Light Room. Using software to build and create art out of the images that they have taken.

Apparel Design Workshop

Three workshops on Designing Apparel were designed with a focus on the business of apparel and the application of digital images on fabric based mediums.

Graduated Participants

Carlos Guevara, Jerlie Thor, Dylan Kitchener, Devonte Sanders, Italia Santoyo, Damar Miller, Troy Lindsay, Eugene Twien, Sheldon Keen, Damilola Lateef, Arielle Prescod, Terika Thompson, Yassenia Wallace – Smith, Maurice Mclean, EJ Spencer, Daniel Ramalho, Daraartu Omer, Renika Hall, Auset Luxor, Mekhi Tyrin Daley, Ramla Meru, Kiaura Brooks, Zabrina Dacres, Usman Hameed Ulah, Aniqa Rahman, Mohamed Hussein, Taye Harding, and Kaayda Thomas