Young Men of Honour Leadership Development Program uses the arts to enhance literacy skills and character development and offers leadership and mentoring support to middle and high school young men as they develop their own levels of self-awareness and links them to older male student mentors to support their personal development and smooth transition to high school.

We are able to facilitate 9 groups this year and provide leadership training, mentoring, affirmation, and help build young men’s confidence to achieve their goals. Together, both agencies provided greater insight on the challenges young men face in priority neighbourhoods and we’ve worked together with Principles, teachers, youth workers, social workers and administrators to provide eight-month program in nine schools this year. We work closely with the TDSB/TCDSB to engage as many young men as we can who are seeking affirmation and mentorship.

YMH Program Lead: Ervin Bempong  (416) 241-5124

B.O.S.S. (Build off Self-Success) Conference

The 2016 B.O.S.S. (Build off Self Success) Conference brings young men together in a day that focuses on their future self­ success through positive role models and encouragement for academic progress, with the aim of helping them discover what they want to achieve and the steps they need to take to accomplish their goals. The B.O.S.S. Conference is educational, interactive, artistic, and most importantly fun!